FourPlus Clinical

Clinical services the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries through high quality Clinical Research training programs. The face behind FourPlus Clinical is Eric Klaver, a self-proclaimed ‘GCP-nerd’ and leading specialist in the area of clinical research regulation. Twenty years of experience in the industry makes FourPlus Clinical the primary choice for classroom training. Clients include the VU University in Amsterdam, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Astra Zeneca and Astellas. FourPlus Clinical also offers excellent interim or project support for clinical trials.

FourPlus Meetings

If any industry is good at holding meetings, it’s the pharmaceutical industry! FourPlus More has gained extensive experience organising and managing investigator meetings and CRA meetings. Experience that has proven to translate over into just about any industry. Meetings are typically intended to be educational and motivational. Yet they often miss the mark, turning into presentations that are only informational in character. Backed by years of experience, FourPlus Meetings brings back the educational and motivational aspects to your meetings, so that your time away from your job is always well spent. Eric Klaver can also be invited as day chair for conferences and meetings.

FourPlus Training

Eric Klaver also provides training sessions on communication, motivation and presentation, bringing 18 years of global training experience to the table. Whether for single or multiple day training courses, half-day workshops or conference workshop sessions, Eric ensures his training provides practical tools and pointers that can be applied the very next day. Communication, motivation and presentation skills are highly personal in their execution. FourPlus Training focuses on the participants’ own skills and strengths, bringing out people’s personal qualities, inspiring them to go beyond their comfort zones, and increasing the effectiveness of their skill set.

FourPlus More

Tying all the different segments of FourPlus More together is Eric Klaver’s energetic, passionate, motivating and inspired way of working, presenting and training. Eric’s high energy spiced up with a keen sense of humor characterise his unique approach. Whether as a motivational speaker, a workshop trainer or a meeting organiser, Eric is guaranteed to put a spark into all your projects!